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Bill Cards and Selecting a Printer

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These are sample post card bills that are designed to work with our Jayhawk Utility Suite (JUS) and Jayhawk Utility Billing System (JUBS). You can order these bill cards for a competitive price directly from Jayhawk Software by calling toll-free (866) 800-5156.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for your first custom printing order since we have to setup your preprinted information (name, address, postal permit, etc.).  Please be sure to specify what format you need as illustrated below. We can print bill cards in many other formats and layouts designed to meet your needs.  We can also provide bill cards for any software (you don't have to use our software to get bill cards from us). For more information on printers to use, click here.

Please click on the bill card for larger images (your actual bill card may look different depending on options you request).  

NEW LASER (format 201) - has  4 per page and horizontal perforation to meet new postal regulations OLD LASER (format 101)- blank below the customer name and address for current postal regulations to bar-code
PITNEY LASER (format 102) - has additional room for larger postage stamp (will work with some Pitney Bowes machines) CUSTOMER-READ LASER (format 103) - has boxes for customer to write in his/her meter reading
NEW CONTINUOUS  for DOT MATRIX (format 310S) - meets current regulations for postal bar-code - blank below the customer name and address (tractor-fed printers) AUTOMAIL LASER (format 201)- meets CASS postal regulations - blank below the customer name and address for postal bar-coding (SAVE $$$ with AutoMail Interface)
OLD CONTINUOUS (format 301) - has printing below the customer name and address (for tractor-fed printers) NEW CONTINUOUS  for DOT MATRIX (format 310) - standard 3.67 x 7 JUBS bill card  - blank below the customer name and address (tractor-fed printers)

We will need to know if you plan to use a bill card other than these that our software supports so we can program your system for a custom bill card (for an additional programming fee).  To avoid additional custom programming charges, damage to your bill card printer, or other problems, make sure you order your new cards from us or call us and request an actual sample bill card.  You must have them printed identical to our sample cards (not a printout from this website sample or a fax or copy of). Be sure to let us know the correct format your new cards should be (for Lexmark laser or dot matrix printer) because they are a different layout and paper thickness.  Please contact a Jayhawk support representative if you have any other questions.

Bill Card Pricing Examples
Printer Cards per Page Series Qty. Price (approx)
Laser  3 001 3000  $240
Laser  3 100  3000  $240
Laser  4 200  4000  $320

Pricing is lower for higher quantities


Full Page Statement Bills 

We also have a full page statement bill available that prints on standard paper.  It is designed with one or both addresses printed to show through a standard windowed envelope and has a 1/3 page remittance stub that can be returned with the customers' payments. This is included in newest JUS version or as an optional add-on module for our Series 3. Please contact us for more details and sample layout options.

Past Due Notices 

Past Due Notices are also available in post card formats similar to the bill cards or as a letter so it can contain more information and provide more privacy.  To save costs, some customers use the bill card or use the bill card format but change the color for their past due notices.



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Selecting a Bill Card Printer

JUS and JUBS will support many laser printers capable of handling the thick bill card stock (70# - 120#).  As a general rule, we do not recommend inkjet printers for your utility billing office.  Since they are designed for low-volume home use, ink is expensive and they are usually not very durable for high-quantity printing (except for in very small districts). We also generally do not recommend dot-matrix printers due to their compatibility issues with new Windows versions, noise, slow speed, etc.

We recommend and support the higher-end Hewlett-Packard (HP) or Lexmark laser printers for the following reasons:

(1)  They are rated to handle the cardstock paper (to 125#) without voiding the warranty

(2)  Their duty cycle is rated to print a high volume of pages per month

(3)  They have margin capabilities and different paper-size tray options for special printing needs (including the 4 per page landscape bill cards)

(4)  Depending on the model, you can print up to 50 pages per minute (that's faster than one bill card per second!)

(5) Compatibility with newest Windows versions

Our laser bill cards have been designed and tested specifically for these printers.  While other laser printers may be able to print on the laser bill card stock, we do not know until the printer is actually tested with the bill card style you desire and may charge you for any assistance from us while attempting to make any other printer work.

Prior to purchasing a new printer or Jayhawk software solution, please discuss the specific model with a Jayhawk specialist to ensure it will work for your needs.  Some smaller, more affordable printers are available that will work for smaller cities or districts printing less than 500 pages per month. However, for larger districts and cities, we would recommend a more durable, faster printer.

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Please contact Jayhawk Software for further information on the bill card types we support. We can also provide you with more information on ordering and pricing bill cards or printers.